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    We adhere to the highest safety standards and protocols to create a secure working environment for our team members, subcontractors, and clients.

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    • METHODOLOGY: First step

      1st Add: 1ST Street of Shahshaheed PD#8 Kabul-Afghanistan
      2nd Add: Near to Sharq Radio PD#3 Jalalabad City –Nangarhar
      Phone#: +93 72 9999 811 — +93 76 454 79 79
      Website: E-mail:
      Technical Approach & Implementation Methodology
      In order to have a successful result for the intervention in the shape of a Project to be tackled,
      the HICC regards the bellow points.
      Prior start of the physical activities, the HICC is going to ensure:
       The Projects should be designed and tackled according to the national practice
      adopted by any Governmental Agencies such as the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and
      Development (MRRD), Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Ministry of Public
      Works (MoPW) and so on, because everything should be done according to the
      governmental rules and law (especially labor law) and the HICC is bound to all
      country’s law. The influences and the rules of esteemed Donor Agencies also would have
      a priority in this issue as they are also working under the Afghanistan
      Government’s rules and laws.
       Have resources, ability, enough information and experience in tackling the project at due
      expected time and duration.
       The project area is safe for the implementation of the project as well as the
      stakeholders are cooperative and interested for the re/construction purposes, however,
      the HICC management tires to solve any kinds of such problems through close
      connection with people, community Shur as and provincial and district authority
      during its Mobilization process prior start of physical activities.
      First step, Mobilizations:
      Initially the HICC is doing Environmental Scan through which, we would consider the
      influences of our stakeholders on us and on the project and vice versa our influences on them.

    • METHODOLOGY: Second Step

      As mentioned above the HICC would tackle environmental scan prior start of the physical activities, so through this scan the local environmental situation also would be studied in  order to make the work fit and applicable to the local environment.

      During the implementation process the HICC will try to use the required construction materials in order to keep the environment clean and prevent it from any damages or destructions.