HICC is expected and generated to overcome and render the objectives here in bellow.
1. To clarify rehabilitation and improvement assistances required in Afghanistan and strive to attract
supports for development of this country.
2. To convince and satisfy Donor Agencies to contribute for rehabilitation and improvement of
Afghanistan as well as help them to achieve their well-organized and beneficial objectives towards
improvement of Afghanistan.
3. To support and help the Afghan vulnerable residents and make their living condition better through
seeking financial, food and non-food items assistance and cooperation.
4. To take a positive part for easing and facilitating the repatriation, resettlement process of
Afghanistan refugees and other displace human being of Afghanistan as well as try to attract the
attention of Afghan intellectuals who are living in aboard to come and build their country. In other
word to expedite the process of Afghanistan in the long run.
5. To protect environment and agricultural production through tackling different projects.
6. To expedite and enhance the emergency aid to most destitute and vulnerable people of Afghanistan
via implementation of legal projects, by which the needy people can contribute for the rehabilitation
of their homeland. This action would create the sense of ownership for people on any rehabilitation
and improvement activities for the country
7. To strive to protect the social infrastructure, income sources and cultural preservation of
8. In respect to the right of woman, the HICC will fortify the women by income generation and women
related projects as well as through which, will make their roles in improvement of the country more
9. To provide work opportunity to the most vulnerable people of Afghanistan.
10. To have a positive and constructive role for the better improvement and development of the country.